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[sticky post] Hey guys!

Hello and welcome to the Precure Fanfiction community. I decided to make this live journal as I don't think there is a place on the internet (which is still active) that people can display there fan fiction stories. So here you go writers and spread the word! Remember to stay ultra happy!

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Precure Shining Stars! Episodes 1-5!

Hello everyone,
                        I present the first 5 episodes of Precure Shining Stars! Simple click on the episode titles to proceed to the episodes.

Episode 1. Rebirth of the Land – Cure Virgo is Born.

Episode 2. Dancing to change! – The Earth Cures Completed!

Episode 3. The Birth of Courage! – The Water Cures are Formed!

Episode 4. The Arrival of Petulance – Oblivion makes their first strike!

Episode 5. Battle of the Cures! – Earth Cures VS Water Cures!

All episodes have images of the characters as they appear along with variations in outfits as episodes progress such as casual wear, school wear and precure forms. There are also transformation sequences and attack images also.

If you also wish to see spoilers on the series please click the following link:


I am a TV and Film student so I have uploaded the entire creative process behind this series and it as a result gave me offers at Universities which is very exciting. But like I said only click the link if you enjoy spoilers. You will see designs for characters across the 52 episode long series, a plot outline for each episode along with background information on characters.


Hey everyone, myself and a small group are working on a fan-series of Precure known as Precure Shining Stars! We need some people to help up with proof reading, editing and illustrations!

We have basic character designs and have 52 episodes planned for the series (with the first 8 episodes already written) split into 6 separate story arcs. The series will feature a total of 12 heroines along with many supporting characters. So what are we looking for exactly from you artists?

In a nutshell you would be asked to turn certain parts of the story into an image to go with the text. This could be an action scene, a social scene or even focus on a place or item that could be important in the episode. None of this will be animated, so do not worry, it is not an animated project. Main character designs are being made by the head writer as the series is his concept, but given the sheer scale of the project we need help to make it a huge success. Those who have been involved in the project believe the story itself is one of the best plotted fan series they have read for a while.

While this is no small project we aim to have fun creating this and enjoying it together. I have also attached links to the series main website where some more information on the series can be found along with the first six main character profiles.

Main Site - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/
Virgo - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/dominique-thompsoncure-virgo.html
Taurus - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/bianca-goldbergcure-taurus.html

Capricorn - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/nena-ryumezcure-capricorn.html
Pisces - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/ariel-andersoncure-pisces.html
Cancer - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/tamara-coopercure-cancer.html
Scorpio - http://precure-shining-stars.weebly.com/emily-thorpcure-scorpio.html

A side note, there will also be opportunities to be creative as we will be looking for monsters to be designed throughout the series along with many supporting characters. Once the poject it up and running we will also be posting the episodes on here for you all to check out :)

If you are interested and wish to know more, I am very happy to answer any questions just simply reply to this thread of drop me a message.

Twilight Pretty Cure, Revised Edition

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been here, hasn't it? Well, over the past few months, I've been revising Twilight Pretty Cure like crazy. Here it is: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10288703/1/Twilight-Pretty-Cure

As of this writing, chapters 1-23, 25-26 have been revised and revamped in response to some backlash regarding problematic elements I didn't intend or know were problematic until someone told me. The second half is going through a massive rehaul, so it'll be drastically different from what was there before, though some things will be kept the same. I'm sorry to everyone I either triggered or made angry with my horrible fan fic's problems and my own stupidity.
Chapter 2 is out, though there were some delays. Unlike SHPC, this series will be the equivelent to one episode. There really isn't much to say about this episode, so let's just go straight to it, okay?

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Homefront: Equestria Chapter 4

Uhh... Hi?

I'm pretty sure nobody remembers me, but in case you do, then you should remember by current fanfic.

Yes. I know: I'm pretty sure that a good part of you had thought that I decided to give up, to stop the story and to let it be there for ever without anymore updates!

Today, you're gonna think again!

Here's Chapter 4! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10430767/4/Homefront-Equestria

I guess you ask an explanation of why did I took so long to update: and here's why:

Because I wanted to expand the universe other than Daniel and the Sky Cures adventures in Equestria. I also came up with the title of the series (Yes! Because in case Homefront: Equestria gets really successful, I will do sequels) and it is called: "Deep Space Pretty Cure" (since the story's setting is science-fiction).

What do you think about the title? And what about the chapter?

Tell me!

If you think that the story is horrible and it's insulting who can REALLY write fanfics than I will stop. Like always... And then I will kill myself
I gave you the preview, and now you get the full chapter! Sacred Regalia Pretty Cure is a Japanese mythology-based series, stemming from Shintoism. At first, it may seem daunting. You may not understand it. Believe me, going through games like Sengoku Basara and Samurai Warriors, I was the same way. I didn't know lickity-split about Japanese history. But I researched and adapted to it in my own way. A lot of Japanese imagery will be used to the best of my ability. What you get is this. I hope you all enjoy my second work, and stay tuned for a preview of my third work JoyFeel Pretty Cure!

I want to especially thank jitsch, daburuwosagase, and on_earth for their support and help into making this series.

Episode 1: The Light of the Sun! Cure Amaterasu Descends!

Images will be posted in a separate post. I do hope you enjoyed this!

Homefront: Equestria Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3!


I have a lot of things to say, but let's go in order:

- I'm TERRIBLY sorry for the biblical wait for Chapter 3 but writing an elaborate fanfic in english while you're NOT english is not piece of cake and because I'm lazy.
- I had this idea: When the story's finished (if I'm gonna finish it), I thinked about creating an HF:EQ concept art book, with the vehicles, characters, enemies and possibly factions and world nations and some informations about 'em. Oh! And a Timeline!
What do ya think? Is good? Is bad? Tell me!
- The story is getting dark, so if you're easily impressable, then you should skip the darker parts.
- Of course, there are some quotes: This time, is releated on DokiDoki! Pretty Cure. Good luck find 'em!

After this, I can go away.

Of course, tell me if the story is going well or I should stop for respecting the others!